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Essential Calm provides relaxing therapies to a wide range of clients to help with their wellbeing.

About Essential Calm

Welcome, I'm Dee  


I am a qualified massage therapist and specialise in Holistic Therapies and Natural Beauty.


I created Essential Calm due to my own mental health and wellbeing. The stress of a busy modern life can take it's toll on your body, physically and mentally without you realising it, this happened to me.


My neighbour used to call me the '100 mile an hour woman' (unfortunately not because of what I could achieve at the gym!) but because this was the constant pace of my life, juggling a stressful job, house, children and family needs, leaving no time for me. As a result I started to have health problems, significant stress and depression. Because of this I have realised that a calm mind is essential for self healing. This got me to a much happier and healthier place, and I want to help others make a difference to their own health and wellbeing through Holistic Therapies.


Thanks for visiting my site 


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"It felt superb. Can't wait to come back and try it again. Thanks Dee"